Laser cutting and plastic forming


Laser cutting is a modern method of cutting steel. It is characterized by very accurate and fast processing, which ensures high precision and repeatability. CNC numerical control enables to obtain complex shapes of details with optimal use of material. Edges in laser cut parts do not require further processing.

Our laser cutting options:
Type of steel Sheet size Max. thickness
Black steel 1500 x 3 000 mm 20 mm
Stainless steel 1500 x 3 000 mm 15 mm
Aluminum 1500 x 3 000 mm 15 mm

CNC press brake

We offer bending services on a modern CNC press brake ensuring high bending accuracy and repeatability. Owing to the used technology, the press allows for precise execution of complex bending shapes.

Technological possibilities of our press brake:
Length of bend Strength of bend Max. thickness Has
3 100 mm 200 tones 10 mm 6 axes

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